Train to / from Gallivare / Narvik
Bus to / from Ritsem (mountain tour)
Lanstrafiken i Norrbotten

Bus to / from Kjopsvik

Fiskflyg, helikoptertransporter

Boat Sörfjorden Norge
Br. Johansen skyssbåter, Kjöpsvik
tel. + 47 75 77 43 29,  email: 

Boat Áhkájávrre
Chartra själv privat båt
Contact: Bengt Nordqvist
tel. +46 (0)70 398 65 93

Telephone connection
Please note no telephone signal along the route
Map and compass
Do not forget to pack your map and compass for your walk

Please burn or take your rubbish with you.
Norway has a ban on fires during the period 15 April – 15 September in the forest areas.

The area is reindeer grazing land. Take special care if you walk with a dog during the calving season and calf marking period.

Walking in nature requires you to take responsibility for yourself.  Route markers can disappear due to wind and weather conditions. The same is true of bridges, shelters and other buildings along the route
Mountain weather conditions can change quickly and dramatically. Be prepared for all occasions

The logo för Gränsleden – Rádjebálges - Grenseleden has been designed by the artist  Barbro Poggats Sarri.
It symbolises and mirrors the area of the walking routef